Drawing from his roots in Raleigh County, West Virginia, one-man-band SLATE DUMP creates music with elements of folk, blues, country and punk.

Jason chose his stage name SLATE DUMP from the piles of coal debris, or slate dumps, that have long covered Appalachia as a byproduct of the mining industry. Many of the slate dumps that he grew up sledding on have been “reclamated” with turf, but Jason believes that these reclamated slate dumps lack the charm of their grittier predecessors.


SLATE DUMP has released four LP albums since 2007 as well as a most requested / greatest hits compilation. All of these albums contain original SLATE DUMP music only (with the exception of three traditionals). SLATE DUMP is currently performing in the area around Memphis, Tennessee. Contact Jason to discuss booking, media, collaborations and other possibilities.


Acoustic guitar, harmonica, kazoo, percussion, sampler, stomp drum, vocals


Jason Sells draws inspiration for much of his original music from West Virginia’s people, culture and mountainous landscape. Some of his influences, such as Hasil Adkins, Jesco White and Bill Withers, are also from West Virginia. Nevertheless, Jason has a diverse variety of influences that run the gamut from Skip James to Tiny Tim, Jimmie Rodgers to AC/DC, and Shock G to Daniel Johnston, for example.


AC/DC, The Animals, Bill Withers, Blackfoot, Blind Willie Johnson, Blue Oyster Cult, Burl Ives, Butthole Surfers, Credence Clearwater Revival, Daniel Johnston, Dead Milkmen, DEVO, Gerry Rafferty,Gordon Lightfoot, Hank Williams Sr., Hasil Adkins, Howlin’ Wolf, Jimmie Rodgers, John Lee Hooker, The Kinks, Leadbelly, Marty Robbins, Marvin Gaye, Merle Travis, Molly Hatchet, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Prince, The Ramones, Red Sovine, Roger Miller, Shock G, Skip James, Slick Rick, Son House, Sonny Terry, Teddy Pendergrass, Tex Ritter, Three Dog Night, Tiny Tim, Waylon Jennings, Wesley Willis, Willie Nelson, Woody Guthrie


J. Marinelli & His Angry Young One-Man-Band, The Dad Horse Experience, Mosquito Bandito, The Limbs, Sleepy Eyes Nelson, Sean Bond Goon, Kitty Reed, Honey Vizer, Mussy Cluves, Willie V., Jack Nasty & The Fucken Snakes, Rufus & Ransom, The Lonely One, Captain Catfeesh, J. Glenn, Joseph Christ, Slackeye Slim, Joey Allcorn, Bob Log III, Folk Uke, Haruko, The Oh Johnny! Girls, 8-Bit, Black Joe Lewis, Pokey LaFarge, Scotty Karate, Pinche Gringo, Reverend Beatman, Bloodshot Bill, Roddy von Seldeneck, Roberto LeBlanc, Tim Fite, The Association of Brasilian Monobandas


“[h]is playing is unique… drawing in the audience with an endearing vulnerability, then hilariously disarming them with his clever lyrics. … If you get the chance to see Slate Dump perform live, you should. You’ll be in for a fun time.”
— Rudy Panucci [Radio Free Charleston]

“inspired! …you are really turning shit into coal. great stuff.”
— The Dad Horse Experience [musician, GERMANY]

“…right between Leadbelly and the Sex Pistols.”
— J. Marinelli & His Angry Young One-Man-Band [musician, KENTUCKY, USA]

“Hey I really like your music, sounds fuckin’ class over here!”
— Sleepy Eyes Nelson [musician, SCOTLAND]

“Drinking coffee and listening to Slate Dump in the morning. That’s all!”
— Chuck Violence & His One Man Band [musician, BRASIL]


  1. In a world of no original sounding music by new bands. One band has risen & claimed it. Keep making real art from the heart Jason!

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